2018 Friends of JIAS Toronto Appeal:
We respond to the needs of vulnerable populations from around the world who seek a safe and better life in Canada. Our Friends of JIAS Toronto Appeal counts on your financial support to assist those newcomers most in need:

  • youth immigrants
  • seniors
  • Holocaust survivors
  • single mothers
  • those suffering the effects of the economy and without jobs to support their families
  • people who lack health care while awaiting their permanent residency status.

Your donation funds our important ongoing settlement and integration work to help newcomers succeed in and contribute to Canadian society.

We have been here for so many of your families, and for countless other families that have helped to make this a compassionate and vibrant community. Help us to respond again.

If you are having trouble using this online donation form, please call our office at 416-630-6481 to make your donation by phone.

If you prefer to send a cheque, please mail your donation to: JIAS Toronto, 4600 Bathurst St. – Suite 325, Toronto ON M2R 3V3

Contact Information

We keep all of this information personal and confidential. Please provide us with your phone number and email address so that if we have any questions about this donation we may contact you.